On May 15th, 1998, burdened by the Lord, Pastor Randy Miller and his family moved from Palestine, Texas to Flagstaff with hopes of starting a church. Northland Baptist Church, a ministry planted out of Northwest Valley Baptist Church in Phoenix, AZ, held their first services Sunday, May 24th,1998. They met at the West Branch Camp Chapel, with 12 attending the morning service.

 On May 31st 1998, Northland Baptist Church met for its second service in the Band Room of Flagstaff Middle School. That morning three Sunday School classes were held: a children's class, a teen and young adult class, and an adult class. 57 people gathered for the morning service.

Northland held its Charter Service on January 23rd, 2000. Kevin Schaal, pastor of Northwest Valley Baptist Church in Phoenix, AZ, preached the sermon that morning. The church chartered and began with 20 members.

April 30, 2000 Northland Baptist Church merged with Pastor Bruce Charpie and Open Bible Baptist Church of Kachina Villiage, AZ. When the two joined, the members of both churches became one body, and Northland continued meeting in Flagstaff Middle School. That morning Evangelist Bill Rice III spoke.

In December 2002 the church purchased an existing building on 2 1/2 acres on U.S. Highway 89, which became our permanent home in March of 2003.



In February 2011 we purchased the vacant 2 1/12 acres next to our property. The purchase of this property allowed us to begin an addition and remodel of our existing building.

In December of 2011 we began meeting at Christensen Elementary School.

In April of 2013 our building was completed.